Penny Wise

Penny wise is a simple tip tracking app for deliver drivers, servers, and others in the service industry. It allows users to keep track of their tips and easily see relevant data in a clean and easy-to-use interface.

Simple Design

Penny Wise is made with simplicity in mind. Easily view your worked days right from the main screen.


Quickly Add Tips

Add tips by tapping a day on the calendar or by tapping the + button.

Quickly See Useful Data

Tap on days to see tips, hours, and an hourly average for selected days.


Multiple Entries Per Day

Additional entries can be added to a single day.
To do so, select the desired day, tap edit to bring up the tip list, and tap the + button.

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I delivered pizzas for 5 years while studying music at Utah Valley University. During that time, I tried a few tip tracking apps, but they were either ugly or complicated. After deciding to learn iOS development, I thought a tip tracker would be a great first project; it was complicated enough to help me learn key concepts without being overwhelming.

Design & UX

I had two main goals while designing Penny Wise: I wanted the user interface to be clean and simple and I wanted it to be easy to use. The center of the app is the calendar, which allows users to enter tips as well as view and interact with their data without going to other screens.

Tech Used

Native iOS frameworks
- UIKit
- Core Data
- In-App Purchases