Test Prep Tech

Test Prep Tech creates flashcard-like study apps for tests such as the SAT and ABA exams. Each app features hundreds of questions with answers and explanations to help users prepare. As the developer at Test Prep Tech, I develop for all 5 apps currently available for iOS and Android. I’ve been a part of 3 app launches and have added features such as iPhone X support, in-app user reviews, as well as various backend enhancements.

Angular & Ionic

Test Prep Tech uses the Angular and Ionic to write all of their apps. Because the apps are so similar in nature, they share a codebase. We use node scripts to replace the question data for each app. A major part of what I’ve done is enhancing those scripts as the apps and funtionality grow.


JSON Transition

When Test Prep Tech started, all of the questions were written in Microsoft Word documents. As the number of apps grew, as well as their complexity, it required us to convert everyting over to a simplier format. We chose JSON and recently finished the convertion process.

MathJax Support

With the addition of SAT Math Wizard, we needed to add support for displaying equations in the app. We chose MathJax, which is a great library for displaying LaTex markup.

mathjax logo